Jess Liemantara

Masterchef Australia - Season 10 Top 4

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Although she was MasterChef Australia’s youngest recruit for Season 10, Jess’ burgeoning talent was not underestimated. A lover of all things sweet, the dessert queen loves making high tea-style slices, macaroons, caramel slices and mousse cakes with glazes.

Born in Perth following older brother Jeremy, Jess was only one when her parents moved the family to Melbourne. It is where she has been based ever since, except for a two-year stint in Indonesia during primary school.

In Melbourne, Jess’ parents owned a fusion café and restaurant, specialising in Thai, Malay and Indonesian cuisine. Food was always a significant part of life at home. She loved food technology in high school, admitting it was probably the only subject she really enjoyed.

Citing Cedric Grolet, Anna Polyviou and former MasterChef Australia contestant Reynold Poernomo as her sweet culinary inspirations, Jess also describes Gordon Ramsay as a huge influence, marveling at his strength, confidence and knowledge. 

Jess has learnt many of her skills from YouTube and online blogs, but admits her dad and grandmother also played their part. From her grandmother she learnt to mix dough for ginger cookies and from her dad, delicious soups, stir fries and noodles.

When she is not cooking up a sweet treat in the kitchen, Jess enjoys arts and crafts, and working with polymer clay. She likes to make charms, scrapbooking, heading to brunch with friends, and plays soccer, volleyball and basketball. 

Jess came fourth place in MasterChef Australia – Season 10.

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